Arrivae Interior Solutions Partners with Mool Finance

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Mumbai, 3 Nov 2023 — Mool Innovation Labs, a pioneering provider of an advanced SaaS-based salary personalization platform, has signed up Singularity Furniture Private Limited (Arrivae), an interior solution company operating under the brand name Arrivae, to help them with personalized compensation design and tax optimization for their employees. Mool Finance's cutting-edge platform seamlessly integrates technology with human intelligence to empower individuals and enterprises to achieve financial well-being and Arrivae Interior Solutions will use the same to drive benefits for their employees.


Mool Finance ( stands at the forefront of innovative financial solutions, catering to individuals, enterprises, and tax professionals. Their comprehensive SaaS based solution features is designed to simplify and enhance financial health, bringing together powerful tools and personalized assistance.


"At the core of its offerings is Mool Vetan, a robust enterprise solution, delivering advanced Payroll Automation, Compensation Design, Compliance Audit, and seamless feature-level API integrations," explains Seemant Shrivastav, Co-founder & CEO, Mool Innovation Labs. "Backed by a team of experienced industry professionals, Mool offers a wide array of services aimed at optimizing financial well-being, including Income Tax Return (ITR) Filing and strategic Tax & Salary Planning." adds Subhashree Mishra, Co-founder at Mool.


Vinay Singhal, Vice President Finance at Arrivae Interior Solutions emphasized the transformative impact of integrating Mool Vetan into their operations. "Integrating Mool Vetan into our operations has truly transformed our business, and I'm absolutely thrilled with the outcomes. Among the standout advantages we have encountered is the remarkable level of tax savings made possible by the Mool Personalization Engine. This is not just a minor enhancement; it represents a substantial divergence. From a personal perspective, I'm acquainted with numerous colleagues who have achieved an astounding 100% reduction in their tax burdens, and it is genuinely awe-inspiring to witness such astounding results."


Seemant further expressed his excitement about the collaboration with Arrivae. "We are delighted to have Arrivae on board with us. Working with innovative and enterprising clients like Arrivae helps boost our confidence that we can demonstrate measurable positive results for mid-size organizations. We look forward to creating value for employees of Arrivae in the coming years."

Arrivae will be enabling salary personalization and tax optimization solution offered by Mool’s recommendation engine to improve salary & tax planning for their employees and also to remain compliant with taxation, filing and compensation laws.


Discover the future of financial management with Mool Innovation Labs, where technology and human expertise converge to empower individuals and enterprises in achieving their financial goals.


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