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Unlock financial insights and strategically grow your wealth via our Personalized Salary & Investment Report tailored to your CTC and risk tolerance. Discover hidden deductions, credits, and other financial avenues to save more on taxes. All you have to do is file your Income Tax Returns with us and take your personalized report for FREE!

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The go-to platform for salary personalization

India's first automated tax saving tool for salaried

Up to 50% in tax-savings and 10% more take-home in the same CTC

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Get tax-saving personalized reports, ITR filing services, and free calculators.

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Benefit from an automated and compliant SaaS solution for tax savings via salary personalization

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Tax Professional

Manage enterprise or individual clients easily with payroll and ITR.

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Everybody wins with Mool!

Employers, employees, and tax professionals are simultaneously benefited from Mool's offerings


₹ 10,000/Employee



₹ 13,11,000



Positive Feedback

Employers and employees welcome salary personalization API

> 90%

Positive Feedback

Employers and employees welcome salary personalization API

Unlock benefits you have been waiting for

Effective financial solutions for your need

File ITR seamlessly

We offer 3-step, automated Income Tax Returns filing services with expert guidance and additional perks!


Generate rent receipts

Generate and download official rent receipts instantly for keeping digital records and claiming tax deductions.


Mool for Everyone

VETAN : For Enterprises

Offer your employees the benefits of tailored compensation. Give 10% more salary in the same CTC. via salary personalization and tax optimization.

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Ditch the CTC cookie-cutter

Empower your employees to save up to 50% in taxes. Leverage Vetan's smart recommendation engine that caters to each individual's financial standing.

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Improve retention, reduce attrition

Retain top talent with increased employee satisfaction and compensation transparency. Encourage daily productivity and motivation.

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JANN : For Individuals

An integrated solution offering seamless Income Tax Returns filing, personalized salary structure via Vetan integration, investment guides, reports, and free tools.

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Future-proof your finances

Elevate your financial freedom with insights-driven decision making, personalized salary options, and free calculators.

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File ITR and more!

Get additional financial services during tax season. Securely file your ITR with us under expert guidance for a hassle-free experience.

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LEKHAKAR : For Tax Professionals

Efficiently manage clients and process payroll quickly. Reduce the processing time significantly with in-built compliances and automation.

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Manage clients seamlessly

Get a unified interface to automate the client management process. Leverage in-built compliances with tax and labor laws for effective payroll operations.

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30-minutes processing

Ditch the manual process of paper gathering and verification altogether. Running payroll via Lekhakar reduces the 5 day labor to 30 mins.

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Get a personalized recommendation on how much to invest based on your goals and comfort level with risk

Use our FREE calculators to find out tax savings, smart recommendations to invest under various sections of the Income Tax Act and more!


Streamline HR with API Integrations

Boost tax savings without getting into the hassle of changing your current platform

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Canvas of Love


Working with Mool platform has been a big relief for us. Working on IOT and ML technologies ourselves, we understand and truly appreciate the value that Mool platform brings in and the potential it can unlock for a growing organization like ours.

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Anand B R


Each time I compared the salary structure generated in Mool with an employee’s current salary, it consistently produced a lower tax requirement in the workings by reorganizing the payroll structure as compared to standard workings.

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Deepak Babel


A lot of our payroll-related activity which was done manually was automated by Mool Vetan. It has saved us 3 days per month and increased our payroll processing efficiency with its 2 click payroll processing.

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Parag Paranjpe


Integrating Mool Vetan into our operations has truly transformed our business, and I'm absolutely thrilled with the outcomes. From a personal perspective, I have seen colleagues achieving 100% reduction in their tax burden, made possible by Mool's Personalisation Engine.

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Vinay Singhal

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Mool is a leading financial startup that aims to create a sustainable solution for corporate employees by facilitating effective tax planning, smart investments, insurance, and borrowing options. Mool simplifies the personal financial and taxation jargon and makes it accessible to all. With the products of Mool, organizations and employees can now maximize the value of their salaries without a hassle. Mool’s mission is to create a platform to educate everyone, optimize the growth of their money, and empower them with rich facts and proven analysis for decision making.