India's First Tax Optimization and Salary Personalization Tool

Harness the power of AI-driven pay structure automation and personalization in your payroll management systems. Save taxes and amplify employee payouts at no extra cost.

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Every person is different, so should be their taxes and payrolls 🤩

Add "human intelligence" to your payroll process

We all acknowledge that no two people are the same. Same is true for everyone's financial needs. Why use the same old inefficient way of structuring your employees' salary when you can personalize it with Mool!

Say goodbye to inefficient salary structures! 🚀

Cloud based platform for
Modern HR & Finance Teams

There's power in choice! Built-in modularity in Mool offers you the flexibility of choosing the right tool for your organization. Whether you need a full-stack of tools or just a part of the innovative Mool universe. Mool delivers!!

No IT implementation • Get onboarded in minutes

Key Features

Salary Personalization

Maximize tax savings with our AI-based intelligent algorithms. Employees can gain upto 10% more in-hand salary without any additional cost to the company.


    Seamlessly manage all HR functions and automate workflows to increase efficiency. Save time and money while building a culture of happiness within your organization.

      Statutory Compliance

      Smart automations handle all the necessary statutory compliances including TDS, Salary, Bonus, Gratuity, PF, PT, ESIC, LWF calculations and reports for you seamlessly.

        Payout Management

        Ensure your employees always receive their salary on time every month. Disburse salaries to employees’ bank accounts in just one click.

          Here’s the good news!

          No need to switch your current systems. Just Supercharge your Payroll Ops!


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          SaaS based Product

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          Agile & Flexible - Pick and choose the module you need

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          Integrates with your standard ERP solutions and other HRMS

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          No IT implementation

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          Get onboarded in minutes

          Mool for


          I’m a growing startup with 200 employees. payroll automation is one of my biggest challenge.

          • Employee Payout Management
          • Leave & Attendance Management
          • Salary Personalization
          • CTC Calculator
          • Employee Onboarding

          Mool for


          I’m a micro/small enterprise with 500+ employees. I already have an ERP but need help with automating some of my HR, payroll and compliance functions

          • Salary Personalization
          • Tax Savings & CTC Calculator
          • Automated Employee Payouts & Compliance Reporting
          • Integrations for HRMS

          Mool for


          I’m a large enterprise with 1000+ employees. I have most systems in place but Mool’s salary personalization tool will add value to my organization.

          • Salary Personalization
          • Tax Savings & CTC Calculator
          • Automated Employee Payouts & Compliance Reporting
          • Employee Onboarding & Perquisites
          • Integrations for HRMS, Finance & Accounting

          Our Clients

          Improved Productivity

          A lot of our payroll-related activity which we used to do manually on spreadsheets was automated by Mool Vetan.

          3 days/ month

          saved with increased payroll processing efficiency

          2 click

          payroll processing

          Parag Pranjpe

          Founder & Director, Think Consultants

          Tax savings for employees

          The salary structure generated by Mool consistently produced a lower TDS requirement in the tax workings.

          upto 10%

          lift in employees’ in-hand salaries


          compliant with Tax & Labor Laws

          Deepak Babel

          Chartered Accountant

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          Mool Mantra

          Krishna owns a home in Surat where his family stays. This new job opportunity brings him to Delhi where he is staying in a rented house. His monthly payslip denotes an HRA component that gets him worked up about the tax benefits he can avail but he is also worried about the home loan deduction from his salary. Is he at a loss for spending too much on rent and loans? Buying vs renting a home, which is better? And what is the tax implication on his choice of home?
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          Mool is a leading financial startup that aims to create a sustainable solution for corporate employees by facilitating effective tax planning, smart investments, insurance, and borrowing options. Mool simplifies the personal financial and taxation jargon and makes it accessible to all. With the products of Mool, organizations and employees can now maximize the value of their salaries without a hassle. Mool’s mission is to create a platform to educate everyone, optimize the growth of their money, and empower them with rich facts and proven analysis for decision making.





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