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Reduce your tax liability up to 45% with Old vs. New Tax regime calculator. Comprehensive solutions to improve your financial health.

  • Personalize your salary to save tax
  • File income tax returns online

Salary Optimization at work

While we cannot increase your CTC, we can do the next best thing! Save on your taxes and increase your take home salary.

How it works:

  • Smart salary analysis & insights
  • Industry benchmarking tool
  • Benefits optimization guidance
  • Personalized salary recommendations
  • Transparent compensation insights


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Calculate your returns on an FD. Safe liquid investments, compounding benefits.

PPF Returns Calculator

Best returns and safest investment. Serving long term financial goals. 

Home Loan EMI Calculator

Calculate home loan interest and also get tax deductions.     

NPS Calculator

National Pension Scheme. Plan for your retirement, one step at a time.

NSC Calculator

Long time favorite of small investors. Get tax benefits under section 80C.

HRA Exemption Calculator

Want to know how much HRA is tax exempt? Own or rent, what is better for you?   

Client Speak

Integrating Mool Vetan into our operations has truly transformed our business, and I'm absolutely thrilled with the outcomes.  From a personal perspective, I have seen colleagues achieving 100% reduction in their tax burden, made possible by Mool's Personalisation Engine. 

Vinay Singhal

VP Finance, Singularity Furniture Pvt. Ltd.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Find answers here or contact us. 

Mool Vetan is the only solution that offers personalized salary structures for employees, on top of everything else that most payroll software are offering presently. Mool's Personalization Engine is at the heart of everything that Mool Vetan delivers. Be it maximizing savings, take-home salary, or other employee benefits. 

Mool’s salary personalization is a unique feature that takes inputs from the employees about their spending and generates a tax-optimized structure best suited for that particular individual.

Yes! Mool generates state-wise compliance reports after the payroll is processed. In fact, Mool Vetan compliance audit feature is up-to-date with the Wages Act and Labor Laws across India. 

Yes! TDS calculations for perquisites are a part of Mool as per the Income Tax laws. We understand the importance of perquisites for an employee and employer.

Yes, Mool offers assisted ITR ( Income Tax Return ) filing services for Individuals. A user can register with us and upload all the necessary documentation. With the help of our Tax Experts, your IT Returns are prepared and filed online. 

You can start filing your Income Tax Return through Mool anytime. Currently, the deadline for filing returns without penalty is over for FY 2022-23. However, you can register and create account with us for FY 2023-24. Soon, we will allow you to store your documents and investment proofs online and when the returns filing season opens up for AY 2024-25, you can start the filing process. 

You can read through our blogs and articles where we have explained the step by step process of filing ITR online. Else, you can create an account with us and through an easy process and video guide, you can file your ITR.  We also provide assisted ITR service. You can get in touch with us and with the help of a tax expert, we can help you file the IT Returns. 

Mool is a comprehensive SaaS platform offering personalized tax and financial planning solutions to individuals and enterprises. We provide various SaaS based services including Income Tax Filing and Tax & salary planning for individual taxpayers; Employee Payroll Automation, Salary Personalization and Compliance Audit for Enterprises and Client management platform for Tax Experts and finance professionals.

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