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A comprehensive SaaS platform offering personalized tax and 
financial planning solutions to individuals and enterprises. 

Our Stories

Having worked in the corporate world for years, like millions of salaried earners, we have been at the receiving end



Birth of Mool

The year marked the inception of a journey fueled by ambition and innovation.


Launch of Personalization Engine

Countless hours of development and rigorous testing culminated in this remarkable achievement.


Launch of Mool's B2B offering - Vetan & Lekhakaar

Vetan made its debut, with the onboarding of Mool's inaugural customer. Victory in the Chunauti 2.0 competition brought a prestigious title and also Pontaq, a valuable investor, on board.


Launch of Mool Jann - B2C Product offering

This endeavor saw the gradual introduction of B2C MVPs into the market. Assisted ITR Filing services went live for individual taxpayers.

Our Mission

To make personal finance seamless & accessible for all by facilitating effective tax planning, smart investments, salary personalization options.

Founder say

It’s always been about making things simpler for the end-user.

It is a common scene in most corporates, where, in the last quarter of the financial year, employees struggle to get much-needed relief on their tax cuts. Having undergone similar pain in the past, we decided to create a comprehensive solution to this recurring problem.

Seemant Shrivastav

Co-Founder & CEO, Mool Innovation Labs

Dive into our culture

Over rounds of tea, snacks & sometimes beer, the idea boxed - “how about leveraging the capabilities of AI, ML & good old code to personalize tax planning for millions of salaried and self-employed individuals?!”

Seemant Shrivastav

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Subhashree Mishra

Co-founder & Chief People Officer

Jyoti Prakash Lenka

Product Head

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