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Client Management
Made Easy! with Mool Lekhakaar

Perfect for tax professionals managing multiple clients and enterprises through a single interface. 

  • Seamlessly Manage Payroll and IT Returns for your clients
  • Save more than 90% time in operational tasks
  • Automate compliances

Flexible SaaS Based Tool

Mool Lekhakaar provides flexible & seamless 
cloud based workflow to automate your 
client management process. 

Salary Personalization

  • Compensation design as per individual employee
  • Automated Payout Management for employees and contractors
  • Leverage automated tax saving recommendations

Compliance Automation

  • Fully compliant with Wages Act and Labor laws
  • Automated Payout Management for vendors and contractors
  • Automated compliance audit for large workforce

Payout Management

  • Automated Payroll payout management for employees
  • Automated Payout Management for vendors and contractors
  • One click operation, saves significant time 

Build effective payroll operations

With Mool, your time spent on payroll operations reduces significantly. Focus on growth, leave the payroll operations to Mool.

Manual Payroll Process

  • Gather Paperworks
  • Select Employee for Payroll
  • Check/Update All paperwork
  • Run Payroll
  • Freeze Payroll

5+ Days

Payroll Processing Time

Mool Payroll Process

  • Select Employee for Payroll
  • Run Payroll
  • Freeze Payroll

Max 30 Mins

Payroll Processing Time

4d 23h 30m Time Saved

Client Speak

Integrating Mool Vetan into our operations has truly transformed our business, and I'm absolutely thrilled with the outcomes.  From a personal perspective, I have seen colleagues achieving 100% reduction in their tax burden, made possible by Mool's Personalisation Engine. 

Vinay Singhal

VP Finance, Singularity Furniture Pvt. Ltd.

Easily integrate with your systems

Mool's seamless API Sandbox solution offers an efficient means to expand your employee management operations without the overhead of re-engineering your existing systems. Integrate with your existing HRMS, ERP or other employee systems with multiple options to choose from.

  • Learning Management
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Cards/Expense Management
  • Corporate Travel Management
  • Group health insurance
  • Tax declarations
  • ITR Filing support
  • Payroll management
  • Leave and attendance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Find answers here or contact us. 

Mool Vetan is the only solution that offers personalized salary structures for employees, on top of everything else that most payroll software are offering presently. Mool's Personalization Engine is at the heart of everything that Mool Vetan delivers. Be it maximizing savings, take-home salary, or other employee benefits. 

Mool’s salary personalization is a unique feature that takes inputs from the employees about their spending and generates a tax-optimized structure best suited for that particular individual.

Yes! Mool generates state-wise compliance reports after the payroll is processed. In fact, Mool Vetan compliance audit feature is up-to-date with the Wages Act and Labor Laws across India. 

Yes! TDS calculations for perquisites are a part of Mool as per the Income Tax laws. We understand the importance of perquisites for an employee and employer.

Yes, Mool offers assisted ITR ( Income Tax Return ) filing services for Individuals. A user can register with us and upload all the necessary documentation. With the help of our Tax Experts, your IT Returns are prepared and filed online. 

You can start filing your Income Tax Return through Mool anytime. Currently, the deadline for filing returns without penalty is over for FY 2022-23. However, you can register and create account with us for FY 2023-24. Soon, we will allow you to store your documents and investment proofs online and when the returns filing season opens up for AY 2024-25, you can start the filing process. 

You can read through our blogs and articles where we have explained the step by step process of filing ITR online. Else, you can create an account with us and through an easy process and video guide, you can file your ITR.  We also provide assisted ITR service. You can get in touch with us and with the help of a tax expert, we can help you file the IT Returns. 

Mool is a comprehensive SaaS platform offering personalized tax and financial planning solutions to individuals and enterprises. We provide various SaaS based services including Income Tax Filing and Tax & salary planning for individual taxpayers; Employee Payroll Automation, Salary Personalization and Compliance Audit for Enterprises and Client management platform for Tax Experts and finance professionals.

Payroll Automation

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Mool is a leading financial startup that aims to create a sustainable solution for corporate employees by facilitating effective tax planning, smart investments, insurance, and borrowing options. Mool simplifies the personal financial and taxation jargon and makes it accessible to all. With the products of Mool, organizations and employees can now maximize the value of their salaries without a hassle. Mool’s mission is to create a platform to educate everyone, optimize the growth of their money, and empower them with rich facts and proven analysis for decision making.