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How Mool helped increase employees’ in-hand salary using personalization.

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Case Summary


Deepak, who is a Chartered Accountant with 20+ years of practice, had been handling payroll for a few of his clients. When he came across Mool he wanted to try out the tax optimization and salary personalization features, in order to see if he could help some of his clients to enhance their payroll experience.



Deepak wanted to test Mool’s capabilities and started comparing current salary structures of various employees from different clients with salary structures generated by Mool. To his surprise, the Mool salary structures increased up to 10% of employees’ in-hand salary. Being a tax-expert himself, he thoroughly checked all the results to see if Mool adhered to all the income tax and labour laws. He found that all the salary structures generated were 100% compliant with the laws and Mool could even handle unique corner cases really well.


Each time I compared the salary structure generated in Mool with an employee’s current salary, it consistently produced a lower TDS requirement in the tax workings by reorganizing the payroll structure as compared to standard workings. It’s a clear value add to employees.

- Deepak Babel
Chartered Accountant

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Mool is a leading financial startup that aims to create a sustainable solution for corporate employees by facilitating effective tax planning, smart investments, insurance, and borrowing options. Mool simplifies the personal financial and taxation jargon and makes it accessible to all. With the products of Mool, organizations and employees can now maximize the value of their salaries without a hassle. Mool’s mission is to create a platform to educate everyone, optimize the growth of their money, and empower them with rich facts and proven analysis for decision making.