How Mool Vetan increased payroll-related productivity for Think Group.

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Case Summary


Parag, who is the founder of Think Group used to manage the payroll for his employees on his own manually in excel sheets as the team was small. The high redundancy involved in payroll processing and statutory compliances would take up a significant portion of his time each month. He realized the need to upgrade and automate their existing payroll setup so that he could focus on what was important.

Customer Experience


When Parag heard about Mool he was eager to try it out. We set up Think Group’s account on Mool Vetan in less than a week. Using Mool Vetan automated all the mundane activities of payroll and saved 3 days of work each month. Parag now processes his company’s payroll in just 2 clicks and lets Mool take care of payroll compliances. Not just that, Mool’s tax optimization feature is an added bonus for him and his employees, as they now no longer have to worry about tax planning.


A lot of our payroll related activity which we used to do manually on spreadsheets was automated by Mool Vetan. Their end-to-end automations saved us from so much headache in this last quarter.


- Parag Paranjpe
Founder-Director, Think Consultants


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